Samer Adeeb


My name is Samer Adeeb. I am a professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. I teach solid mechanics and finite element analysis. I have been teaching these courses since I joined the University in 2007.

I am very excited about experimenting with new interactive tools for Engineering education. I believe that these new tools allow the incorporation of “dynamic” examples rather than the traditional textbook “static” examples. I have incorporated various WordPress tools and WebMathematica tools in this website hoping that the materials presented here can be easily understood by Engineering students.

Please feel free to browse the website and to provide any comments about the material. I am hoping that your comments would also guide me to enhance the current form of the site.

You can also find a wealth of additional examples in my textbook which I created specifically for Engineering students wishing to learn solid mechanics and finite element analysis. At that time, the idea was to provide all the needed Mathematica code within the textbook. However, I believe that the rigid structure of a textbook does not allow a true “interactive” form of learning. In addition, I realized that it is extremely difficult to change the physical book once it is written. However, this new form of an online “interactive” site, allows me to quickly add content. In addition, it also allows the site visitor to contribute by pointing out mistakes, vague statements, and/or unclear concepts. So, please sign up for the site and add your comments. I hope that this site would make learning a more exciting process.